Researcher in Computational Forensic Investigations

Catholic University of Leuven


Forensic Image Computing has been the subject of a close collaboration between the Medical Imaging Research Center, ESAT-PSI (Prof. Dr. Ir. Peter Claes, Prof. Dr. Ir. Dirk Vandermeulen and Dr. Ing. Philip Joris) and the Forensic Department of UZ Leuven (Prof. Dr. Wim Van de Voorde, Els Jenar). Over the last few years, we have developed novel image computing methods to automate forensic processes in support of criminal investigations (e.g. bloodstain pattern analysis The group is currently looking for a software developer on a 2-year contract to translate such algorithms into practical software solutions.


Crime scene investigations are a fundamental aspect of many legal investigations as they provide crucial scientific evidence to reconstruct and interpret criminal events. Unfortunately, existing methods heavily rely on time-consuming manual work and are therefore tainted with bias, inefficiencies, and several health risks.

In recent years, however, the group of Medical Image Computing (ESAT-PSI) together with the Forensic department of UZ Leuven has developed automated tools in the fields of Bloodstain Pattern Analysis, Craniofacial Reconstruction, and Gunshot Trajectory Reconstruction that provide investigators with objective and scientifically sound results. These methods have been validated, published, and have received significant attention by forensic units around the world.

Recently, the collaboration has received funding to valorise their research. The goal of the project is two-fold: to implement existing methods into intuitive and production-quality tools that can be used by forensic investigators, and to develop novel methods and improvements that extend our product portfolio and thus offer wider support to criminal investigators.


  • Degree in software engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, informatics or any other degree with a strong focus on software development.
  • Have a strong background in C++ programming
  • Have experience with Qt and OpenCV libraries
  • Have an interest in computer vision and artificial intelligence in general
  • Good skills in oral and written English
  • Prior work experience is an advantage


We offer a position in a multidisciplinary research lab that is at the forefront of computational forensic investigations. You will be responsible for developing, implementing, and testing novel as well as pre-existing methods and create production-quality tools. You will also follow up and offer technical support to clients in the field. You will begiven an insight into the interesting world of forensics and crime scene investigations (CSI) as well as the opportunity to turn research into real-life applications that will be used by forensic investigators around the world.


For more information please contact Dr. Philip Joris, mail: or Prof. dr. Peter Claes, mail:

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  • Location: Leuven
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