Research Position in Artificial Intelligence for Robotic Re- and Demanufacturing of Electric Car Batteries

Catholic University of Leuven


As KU Leuven research group on Life Cycle Engineering of the Department of Mechanical Engineering we have acquired significant experience in re- and demanufacturing of Waste of Electric and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), in other words the dismantling of products into their components or composing materials in support of reuse and/or high-end recycling. We also exploit this knowledge to support original equipment manufacturers in designing the next generation products for ease of disassembly and recycling. Hence, the research group supports both manufacturers and reuse, repair, remanufacturing and recycling companies and organisations in the transition to a more a circular economy.


TheEuropean Horizon 2020 project Si-DRIVE (Silicon Alloying Anodes for High EnergyDensity Batteries comprising Lithium Rich Cathodes and Safe Ionic Liquid basedElectrolytes for Enhanced High VoltagE Performance) will develop innovativebattery technologies for electric vehicles. Within Si-DRIVE KU Leuven will developand evaluate the end-of-life treatment and the related economic andenvironmental performances of these new battery technologies.

In theframework of the Si-DRIVE project You will be responsible for conceiving intelligentre- and demanufacturing systems that enable fully automated dismantling of electricalvehicle battery assemblies. A major challenge concerns the handling of thelarge variation of products and their conditions at End of Life. You willtherefore develop innovative multi-sensor and computer vision solutions todetect and recognize product features and their conditions, such as fastenerstypes, location and state, in order to determine and execute autonomously theoptimal dismantling strategy. In addition, you explore opportunities to increasethe robustness of these automated re- and demanufacturing processes by advancedman-machine cooperation and by integrating self-learning abilities based onprocess and human feedback.

Based onthe learnings of practical experiment you will formulate recommendations toimprove and better align the product design and the reuse, repair remanufacturingand recycling of the electrical vehicle batteries. Throughout the project,conceptual approaches will be combined with experimental validation ofinnovative automated processes in the recently established Re- andDemanufacturing lab at the department of Mechanical Engineering at campusArenberg in Heverlee.

Description of the vacancy

You arepart of a multidisciplinary research group working on the topic of Life CycleEngineering under the supervision of Prof. Jef Peeters and Prof. Wim Dewulf.

Youindependently follow-up literature, patents, company releases, conferences,etc. and use the obtained information to set up experiments.

You areresponsible for the development and evaluation of innovative algorithms and contribute to organizing and performing validation experiments.

Youcontribute to the guiding of Master students with their thesis work.

Youreport to your supervisors and to industrial and academic partners duringproject meetings and at international conferences.


You combinea Master’s in Science, Engineering, or equivalent with a solid background inArtificial Intelligence, robotics and/or automation.

You have a profound interest in sustainability and circular economy,hence are willing to broaden your field of expertise in related assessmenttechniques, such as life cycle costing and environmental footprinting.

You liketo work in a multidisciplinary team of international researchers and showwillingness to learn/explore innovative technologies and techniques.

You havea creative mind set, take initiative, and are not afraid to address innovativeideas and new opportunities.

You arefluent in English or willing to improve your language skills.


We offera varied and challenging job in close cooperation with industry combined withan attractive salary package.

We offera research position in a stimulating and multi-disciplinary environment and astrong industrial network.

We providethe opportunity to work towards obtaining a PhD degree within an internationalnetwork.


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