Professor of Geomatics for Large-Scale Geodata In The Built Environment

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KU Leuven Department of Civil Engineering offers a full-time position in independent academic staff in the field of interpretation and management of large-scale geodata in the built environment. We are looking for internationally oriented candidates with an excellent research file and with educational competence in the field of geomatics and surveying. The vacant position will be filled on the Technology Campus Ghent in the Construction Technology Cluster of the Department of Civil Engineering. The research in the Department of Civil Engineering is organized in four departments (Building Materials and Building Techniques, Building Physics, Hydraulics, Building Mechanics) in Leuven and a Technology Cluster (TC) Building geographically spread over three campuses: Technology Campus Ghent, Campus Bruges and Campus De Nayer Sint-Katelijne-Waver. The Geomatics / Surveying research group at the Technology Campus in Ghent is part of the TC Bouw. The research focuses on the surveying and industrial aspects of geomatics (the science of recording, storing, presenting, processing, analyzing and displaying geographic information). At present, the research is mainly focused on modern 3D acquisition techniques, the combination of active and passive measurement methods and the interpretation of the collected data (point clouds and images) in various applications within the construction sector. This profile vacancy aims at the development of a new, related line of research aimed at the interpretation and management of large-scale geodata in the built environment. The Geomatics / Surveying research group has built up a network with various surveying companies and with the Flemish Government (Agency Information). There is an extensive research infrastructure with various scanners, total stations, photogrammetric hardware and software and digital storage and calculation capacity. The available expertise and the network will be further expanded and embedded in the TC Building. Recent developments in research areas such as Building Information Modeling, sustainable urban development and hydraulics will create important synergies with other researchers from the department. In addition, there is also collaboration with other KU Leuven entities, such as the Department of Architecture and the SADL division of the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. Education is primarily provided at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering within the bachelor's and master's degree in industrial engineering studies at the Technology Campus in Ghent. This course is unique because it is the only one at KU Leuven that gives access to the protected profession of surveyor-expert, and includes specialization courses for a total of more than 70 credits. The group also provides classes on the campuses in Bruges and Sint-Katelijne-Waver, and for training at the Raymond Lemaire International Center for Conservation at KU Leuven.

You develop a research program at an international level in the field of management and interpretation of large-scale geo data at the environmental level, specifically aimed at the built environment. Hereby you base your expertise in the domain of 2D and 3D GIS, cartography, data management and file formats, geodata and city modeling and other relevant topics. You bring additional expertise in the field of integration of geographical, architectural and surveying information. Possible research topics are the management of assets of utility companies, such as underground cables and pipes, the maintenance and improvement of the land register, road management and design, digital building applications, the linking of GIS and BIM information, etc. and medium-scale measurement techniques, GNSS,
You are able to obtain competitive financing. 
You further strengthen and expand the laboratory facilities. 
You set up cooperation inside and outside the TC Building of the Department of Civil Engineering. 
You support national and international collaborations of the research group, both with university and with industrial partners (in particular SMEs), with a view to industrial innovation and scientific output according to the highest international standards. 
You strive for excellence in your research and in this way contribute to the further development of the research group.
You publish at the highest scientific level, acquire resources for applied research, develop international cooperation and supervise doctorates at an international level. 
You pay the necessary attention to the valorization for government and business in applied research.

You provide high-quality education within the domain of geomatics, surveying and architecture in the bachelor's and master's degree in industrial engineering at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering, with a clear commitment to the quality of the study program as a whole. 
You also contribute to the pedagogical project of the faculty / university by supervising master theses and as a promoter of doctoral students. 
You develop your education in accordance with the vision of KU Leuven on activating and research-based education and you make use of the opportunities for educational professionalization offered by the faculty and the university.
Your teaching assignment is determined in consultation on the basis of your specific profile. The Faculty of Engineering Technology pays a lot of attention to the balance between research and teaching assignments.
In addition to your teaching assignment on the Technology Campus Ghent, you are willing to fulfill a limited teaching assignment on another campus (Bruges campus and De Nayer campus, Sint-Katelijne-Waver) in the context of multi-campus education.

You are prepared to provide scientific, social and internal services. 
You are prepared to do applied research in collaboration with industrial partners and / or with the government. You maintain close contact with the field of (industrial) engineers in the surveying and construction sector. 
You play an active role in the profile of the Faculty of Engineering Technology with regard to new students and the broad field of work by, for example, participating in information days and information moments.

You hold a PhD in (industrial) engineering sciences, bioengineering sciences or sciences on a dissertation whose subject is related to the domain of geomatics / surveying in the built environment. Industrial experience in this domain and / or a demonstrable network in the relevant industrial sector are particularly appreciated. 
You have a strong (applied) research file in the field. The research quality appears from publications in international journals, books and / or proceedings from international congresses, as well as from successful projects and valorization processes in collaboration with industry. International experience is an important plus.
You have demonstrable qualities for providing academic education. Education experience is a plus. 
You have organizational and managerial skills and you have a collegial attitude.
We expect that you will immediately be able to record teaching assignments in Dutch or English (mother tongue or level C1 of the European frame of reference). The administrative language of KU Leuven is Dutch. If you know little or no Dutch at recruitment, KU Leuven provides a training offer that must allow you to participate in board meetings. Before you teach a teaching assignment in Dutch or English, you are offered the opportunity to acquire the required knowledge of Dutch or English. More information is available on the website about language attestation:


We offer full-time employment in an intellectually challenging environment. KU Leuven is a research-intensive, internationally oriented university that carries out both fundamental and applied scientific research. She has a strong inter- and multidisciplinary focus and strives for international excellence. To this end, it actively cooperates with its research partners at home and abroad. She offers her students an academic education based on high-level scientific research.
The KU Leuven has a rich scientific tradition and history, and was the alma mater of big names in science such as Andreas Vesalius and Georges Lemaître. Thanks to its internationally renowned research and education programs, the university is systematically counted among the best 50 universities in the world. 
Your main workplace is the Geomatics / Surveying research group at the Technology Campus in Ghent, the living heart of a large area with a historic center that radiates history and charm. Ghent is located in the heart of Europe, 30 minutes from Brussels, Antwerp, Bruges and the coast and about three hours from London, Paris and Amsterdam.
Depending on your file and qualifications, you will be appointed or appointed to one of the degrees of the independent academic staff: teacher, senior lecturer, professor or full professor. Junior researchers are in principle appointed as tenure track teachers for a period of 5 years; afterwards, with a positive evaluation, they are permanently appointed as senior lecturers.

KU Leuven is well equipped to welcome foreign professors and their families and offers practical support in the areas of immigration and administration, housing, childcare, learning Dutch, career coaching partner, ... 

To facilitate scientific integration and research in the first phase, an initial funding of 100,000 euros is offered to new professors who do not have substantial other funding and who are recruited for at least 50%.


For more information about the job content you can contact:

  • Prof. ir. Jaak Monbaliu, chair of the Department of Civil Engineering (email:, tel .: +32 16 321661)
  • Prof. ir. Maarten Vergauwen, head of the Geomatics research group (email:, tel .: +32 9 331 6590)

Add the following parts to your application (more information can be found on the KU Leuven job site):

  • a biosketch in which you demonstrate your added value as an academic for the core tasks for research, education and services in your past career and for your future activities (maximum 2 pages);
  • a file about your five most important publications or realizations (maximum 1 page per item);
  • an extensive CV, including a complete publication list and, if applicable, a portfolio with your important projects;
  • a research plan with a focus on the development of a research line and associated research team with an eye for collaboration with fellow researchers within the employment unit (maximum 3 pages);
  • your vision of academic education and its organization (maximum 2 pages);
  • your contribution to service activities (internal representation through membership in councils and administrative bodies, contributions to society from education and research, outreach and science communication) (maximum 1 page);
  • your vision of leadership (maximum 1 page).

The KU Leuven pursues an equal opportunities and diversity policy. It explicitly encourages candidates from groups that are currently underrepresented in the university to apply.

You can apply for this vacancy up to and including 19/08/2019 via our online application application
KU Leuven wants to create an environment in which all talents can develop to the maximum, regardless of gender, age, cultural origin, nationality or disability. If you have any questions regarding accessibility or support options, you can contact us via

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