Professor In End-Of-Life Product Manufacturing And Remanufacturing

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At the Faculty of Industrial Engineering at KU Leuven and the Department of Mechanical Engineering there is a full-time vacancy in the independent academic staff (professor) in the field of End-of-life demanufacturing and remanufacturing. The Faculty of Engineering Technology consists of 6 campuses spread across Flanders. This academic vacancy is intended for the Groep T Leuven campus. We are looking for internationally oriented candidates with an excellent research file, with an educational competence in mechanical design and project-based learning and a strong affinity with applied research in collaboration with industry. The research of the Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on the most important societal challenges facing our society: the sustainability of the energy supply, the mobility problem in our main agglomerations, health care for the aging population and the protection of our prosperity through continuous industrial innovation. The department is therefore involved in a large number of research projects and is closely associated with the university's valorization services and with research institutes for technology transfer at the Flemish and European level. The department has around 50 professors and around 400 employees. It has unique research infrastructure. The department is particularly active in spin-off creation. Leading spin-off companies in their sector include The Life Cycle Engineering group of the Department of Mechanical Engineering researches and develops methods and techniques to quantify and improve the sustainability of products, production processes and end-of-life processing. The research group has access to a solid research infrastructure, an extensive international research network, connections with industry and the non-profit sector, talented doctoral researchers and a stimulating working environment. The Faculty of Engineering Technology provides education in applied engineering programs. It is based on an extensive national and international network in both the academic and industrial sectors.


The material composition of consumer electronics, vehicles and other technological products is becoming increasingly complex. This is a major challenge for creating circular material cycles through high-quality recycling. Therefore, eco-innovative methods must be developed for both the mechanical separation and inverse production of products into components and fractions (demanufacturing), and for the re-production into high-quality components (remanufacturing).

  • You develop and coordinate an international-level research program within the above-mentioned domain. 
  • You work out an international partnership around your research program, both within academia and with regional and international industry.
  • You take the initiative to set up a close collaboration with colleagues on the various campuses at KU Leuven.
  • You strive for excellence in your research and thus contribute to the further development of the research group, infrastructure and services for the community and the Flemish and European industry.
  • You are able to competitively acquire both project-based government financing and bilateral industrial financing.
  • You publish at a high scientific level, acquire resources for applied research, develop international cooperation and promote PhDs at an international level.
  • You pay considerable attention to valorization for companies in applied research.


You contribute to education within the academic programs of the Faculty of Engineering Technology. The academic programs offered by this faculty aim to train engineers with a strong focus on problem-solving thinking within technological development and closely related to industry. The educational activities mainly take place on the GroepT Leuven campus, but in the long term you are also prepared to take on teaching duties within your field of expertise on other campuses.

You provide high-quality education in the field of production and project-based education, as well as courses from the Bachelor's and Master's programs in industrial sciences linked to mechanics. All professors are expected to also teach a number of basic subjects.

You have a clear commitment to the quality of the study program as a whole and you contribute to the pedagogical project of the Faculty of Engineering Technology by supervising bachelor and master theses and as a promoter of doctoral students.

You develop your education in accordance with the vision of KU Leuven on activating and research-based education and you make use of the opportunities for educational professionalization offered by the faculty and the university.


You are prepared to provide scientific, social and internal services. In particular, you are prepared to provide services to industry in the context of applied research assignments. To this end, you will be kept informed of both the scientific state of affairs and the industrial state of affairs in the domain. You play an active role in the profile of the Faculty of Engineering Technology with regard to new students and the broad field of work by, for example, participating in information days and information moments.


You hold a Ph.D. in Industrial Sciences, a Ph.D. in Engineering Sciences or an equivalent degree, and you have demonstrable expertise in the field of the vacancy (eg through the subject of your doctoral thesis, publications, and academic or industrial research experience). You have the ambition to contribute to the valorization of your research in industry and society. International experience is an important plus.

You have a vision of providing quality academic education. Education experience is a plus.

You have organizational and managerial skills and you have a collegial attitude. You are willing to coordinate a research group and educational activities within KU Leuven.

A very good knowledge of English is required.

The administrative language of KU Leuven is Dutch. If you know little or no Dutch at recruitment, KU Leuven provides a training offer that must allow you to participate in board meetings.

Before you teach a teaching assignment in Dutch, you are offered the opportunity to acquire the required knowledge of Dutch.


We offer full-time employment in an intellectually challenging environment. KU Leuven is a research-intensive, internationally oriented university that carries out both fundamental and applied scientific research. She has a strong inter- and multidisciplinary focus and strives for international excellence. To this end, it actively cooperates with its research partners at home and abroad. She offers her students an academic education based on high-level scientific research. With regard to education, the profile of the various engineering curricula is tailored to the socio-economic needs.

You work in Leuven, a historic and at the same time dynamic and lively city, twenty minutes away from Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and less than two hours from Paris, London and Amsterdam.

Depending on your file and qualifications, you will be appointed or appointed to one of the degrees of the independent academic staff: teacher, senior lecturer, professor or full professor. Junior researchers are in principle appointed as tenure track teachers for a period of 5 years; afterwards, with a positive evaluation, they are permanently appointed as senior lecturers.

KU Leuven is well equipped to welcome foreign professors and their families and offers practical support in the areas of immigration and administration, housing, childcare, learning Dutch, career coaching partner, ... To facilitate scientific integration and research in the first phase a start-up financing of 100,000 euros is offered to new professors who have no substantial other financing and who are recruited for at least 50%.


For more information about the content of the function you can contact:

  • Prof.dr. ir. Joris De Schutter, department 
    chair of Mechanical Engineering, tel .: +32 16 32 24 79 (
  • Prof.dr. ir. Koen Eneman, campus president campus Group T Leuven, tel .: +32 16 30 10 65 


You can apply for XXXX only through our online application application. If you encounter problems when applying electronically, you can send an email to

Add the following sections to your application in the English language (more info can be found on the KU Leuven job site):

  • A biosketch in which you describe your added value as an academic with regard to research, education and services in the light of your previous career and your future activities (maximum 2 pages);
  • A file with 5 of the most relevant publications or realizations;
  • An extensive CV including a complete publication list and, if applicable, a portfolio of important projects;
  • Your research plan with a focus on the development of your own research line and research team in relation to fellow researchers within the employment entity (maximum 4 pages);
  • Your vision of academic education and its organization (maximum 2 pages);
  • Your social contribution through dissemination and public communication about science and technology, participation in internal councils and boards and services with a direct relationship to the expertise developed (maximum 1 page);
  • Your vision of leadership (maximum 1 page).
You can apply for this vacancy up to and including 30/09/2019 via our online application application
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