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At the Science and Technology Group, Faculty of Engineering Technology, Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), Technology Cluster Electrical Engineering (ESAT), of the KU Leuven on Campus Group T there is a full-time academic vacancy (in the independent academic staff) in the domain of control systems for people-oriented applications. We are looking for internationally oriented candidates with an excellent interdisciplinary research file and with educational competencies in the field of algorithms for control systems and hardware implementations, including sensors, actuators and electronic circuits. The candidate will design and conduct curiosity and demand driven research in close collaboration with companies and actors in various sectors such as health care, learning, art and entertainment. The e-Media Research Lab is located on Campus Group T and is based on intense collaboration between the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT) and the Department of Computer Science. For this vacancy there is also a close collaboration with the Department of Electrical Engineering (ESAT), department STADIUS Center for Dynamic Systems, Signal Processing and Data Analysis. The e-Media Research Lab researches, develops and implements new techniques to help people advance with the help of embodied media. The lab builds systems with sensors that capture data from a user or information from his environment, algorithms that analyze this data, and actuators that generate output that is meaningful for the end user. Central to our research questions is how users will perceive this output and how they respond to it. Very interactive systems are often implemented that are pleasant and entertaining, while at the same time pursuing a serious goal, such as serious games. There are applications in the domain of healthcare, learning, art and entertainment. The e-Media Research Lab brings together expertise from various fields such as electrical engineering, signal processing, machine learning,


Control systems are traditionally a crucial component of industrial systems, both in automation applications and in the transition to Industry 4.0. Today, control systems have an increasing impact on the further digital development of non-industrial sectors such as digital health, digital learning and digital humanities. Within these domains, the interaction between the system and the human user is central. An example of such systems are haptic feedback systems that help people with motor impairments, as a rehabilitation aid after an injury, or to improve the condition of patients with neurological disorders. Other examples are controlling glucose levels in diabetics, designing haptic interfaces for interactive and playful learning,

Your research is focused on the design, implementation and evaluation of new interactive control systems within one or more application domains. This includes the design and development of complex actuator systems, the design and implementation of advanced signal processing and control algorithms, as well as the design and implementation of electronic circuits. These systems are designed, developed and tested in close collaboration with domain experts (therapists, care providers, artists) and end users.

You strive for excellence and thus contribute to the international image of the research group, the department and the faculty.

You strengthen existing lines of research and bring in additional expertise.

You initiate and support targeted scientific research activities that result in doctorates and publications that meet international standards and that lead to broad international recognition.

You build a network of non-profit and health institutions and companies through the valorization of research results and the implementation of industrial services, with the aim of strengthening innovation in these sectors.

You work out an international partnership around your research program, both within the academic world and with non-academic partners (industry and non-profit sector).

You are able to obtain competitive both project-based government financing and bilateral industrial financing.

You pay the necessary attention to the social valorization of your research results.


You provide high-quality education to both Bachelor's and Master's students within the domain of control engineering in general, with attention to both mathematical algorithms and concrete implementations, including actuators and electronic circuits. You demonstrate a clear commitment to the quality of the training as a whole. The idea of project-based and hands-on education, and interactive teaching makes you enthusiastic. You also contribute to the pedagogical project of the faculty and the university by supervising student projects (eg bachelor and master theses) and as a promoter of doctoral students.

You develop your education in accordance with the vision of the KU Leuven on activating and research-based education and you make use of the opportunities for educational professionalization that the faculty and the university offer.

Your teaching assignment is determined in consultation on the basis of your specific profile. It is limited in size during the first years of your appointment. All professors are expected to also teach a number of basic subjects. In your further career too, the faculty pays a lot of attention to the balance between research and teaching time.


You are prepared to provide scientific, social and internal services.

You maintain close contact with non-profit and health institutions and companies.

You play an active role in the profile of the Faculty of Engineering Technology with regard to new students and the broad working field through participation in information and open days, networking moments and scholarships, etc.


You hold a diploma in a relevant engineering discipline, and a doctoral thesis whose subject is related to the research and education domain.

You have a strong research file in the field. This must be evident from your publications or from your research experience within non-profit or health institutions or companies. Preferably, you have already contributed to the valorization of research within industry and society. International experience is an important plus.

You can teach in an academic environment. Education experience is a plus.

You like creating and innovating, organizing and collaborating in a university context, together with stakeholders.

You are a good communicator. You show enthusiasm, empathy, commitment and passion.

You can inspire and motivate other people, you can delegate coaching, and you know how to deal with diversity.

A good knowledge of English is required. The KU Leuven offers academic English courses.

The administrative language of KU Leuven is Dutch. If you know little or no Dutch at recruitment, KU Leuven provides a training offer that you must allow to take part in board meetings.

Before you teach a teaching assignment in Dutch or English, you are offered the opportunity to acquire the required knowledge of Dutch or English.


We offer full-time employment in an intellectually challenging environment. KU Leuven is a research-intensive, internationally oriented university that carries out both fundamental and applied scientific research. Our university has a strong inter- and multidisciplinary focus and strives for international excellence. To this end, it actively cooperates with its research partners at home and abroad. She offers her students an academic education based on high-level scientific research.

Your main workplace is KU Leuven Campus Group T, in a historic and at the same time dynamic and lively city in the center of Belgium, thirty minutes from Brussels, the capital of the European Union, and less than two hours from Paris, London and Amsterdam.

Depending on your file and qualifications, you will be appointed or appointed to one of the degrees of the independent academic staff: teacher, senior lecturer, professor or full professor. In principle, junior researchers are appointed as tenure track teachers for a period of 5 years. Afterwards, with a positive evaluation, they are permanently appointed as senior lecturers.

KU Leuven is well equipped to welcome foreign professors and their families and offers practical support in the areas of immigration and administration, housing, childcare, learning Dutch, career coaching partner, ... To facilitate scientific integration and research in the first phase a start-up financing of 100,000 euros is offered to new professors who have no substantial other financing and who are recruited for at least 50%.


For more information about the content of the position you can contact Prof. dr. ir. Bart Nauwelaers, department chair of the Department of Electrical Engineering (, tel. +32 16 3211 14) or Prof. dr. ir. Koen Eneman, chairman of Campus Group T (, +32 16 30 10 65).


Add the following parts to your application (more information can be found on the job site KU Leuven):

  • a biosketch in which you demonstrate your added value as an academic for the core tasks of research, education and services in your past career and for your future activities (maximum 2 pages);
  • a file about your five most important publications or realizations;
  • an extensive CV (including a complete publication list including patents);
  • a research plan with a focus on the development of a research line and associated research team with an eye for collaboration with fellow researchers within the employment entity (maximum 4 pages);
  • your vision of academic education and its organization (maximum 2 pages);
  • your contribution to service activities (internal representation through membership in councils and administrative bodies, contributions to society from education and research, outreach and science communication) (maximum 1 page);
  • your vision on leadership with attention to aspects such as innovation, cooperation, communication, coaching, empathy, diversity and inclusiveness (maximum 1 page).
You can apply for this vacancy up to and including 16/09/2019 via our online application application
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