Practice Lecturer in Transport and Logistics

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Job Description

As a member of the teaching staff you can be engaged for providing and supporting education, conducting research, developing activities in the context of social services and in administrative, organizing and coordinating tasks.

As a practical lecturer Transport and Logistics in the graduate courses you mainly take care of:

- preparing, implementing and supervising educational activities; 
- the preparation and supervision of evening classes (6 p.m. - 8 p.m.): logistics reserves, distribution channels, inventory management; 
- systematic updating of study material; 
- subject-oriented study and career guidance; 
- participation in (inter alia subject and course-oriented) meetings; 
- competence development (professional and didactic refresher courses); 
- the evaluations of students (and supervision of exams and feedback); 
- the development of new study material (development of the digital learning platform and participation in internal and external working groups); 
- taking care of info activities;
- participation in all meetings related to these assignment (s); 
- taking on partial tasks with regard to study and learning path counseling; 
- taking part in tasks related to quality assurance; 
- supervising (professional) internships, projects and study trips.


You have a bachelor's degree, preferably in logistics

You (preferably) have at least 5 years of experience in (higher) education and / or in the professional field.

You preferably have a pedagogical competence certificate.

You can design purposeful, high-quality education by efficiently shaping the learning objectives, the educational learning process and testing. 
You use contemporary information and communication technology in your educational process. 
You are reflective and critical of your own actions and you are prepared to receive additional training to improve your educational quality. 
You have strong communication skills. 
You are an enthusiastic employee. 
You know how to stimulate and motivate a diverse student audience. 
You can work independently as well as in a team and you take care of working with external partners. You work in a planned and result-oriented way.


Admission Conditions

 up to and including 

Salary Scale

You will be appointed to a statutory temporary vacant (renewable) post for 20% from 16/09/2019 or up to and including 20/09/2020. Renewal of appointment is possible after positive evaluation and within the financial and organizational guidelines. After two years and associated positive evaluation and within the financial and organizational guidelines, an appointment of indefinite duration may follow. 
You will receive a salary based on scale 316. 
(More information about the scale you find on ) 
A pecuniary seniority allowance may be granted in accordance with the rules for awarding a financial seniority allowance based on the assessment of useful professional experience.
We offer hospitalization insurance if the appointment period exceeds 12 months. For employees with an employment of 70% or more, this is free of charge. Family members of our staff can also join (with a contribution). 
You get a full refund of commuting by public transport or a bicycle allowance of 0.165 euros / km. 
You end up in a college that stimulates the personal growth of its students and employees. For this she creates a warm, open and dynamic organizational culture in which learning, room for creativity and appreciation for each other's philosophical beliefs are a matter of course. 
At AP it's all about what you do and what you can do, not about where you come from or what your limitation or belief is.



Place of employment: Campus Dodoens, Leopoldstraat 42, 2800 Mechelen

Vacancy: external vacancy

Contact Information

Information regarding vacancy
For more information about the content of the position, please contact Sylvi Van Dooren, Head of Graduate Education MC (03 220 54 42),
Information regarding selection procedure
Department (03 220 58 29) Email:

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