Postdoctoral Position in Mobile and IoT Security Laboratory

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Cyber Science and Engineering


Headcount: 2

Basic requirement:

Aged under 35

Recruitment directions:

1. Laser additive manufacturing / laser welding / laser forming;

2. Material characterization (microstructure, mechanical properties, fatigue);

3. Multi field coupling / multi-scale simulation (phase field, finite element, ray tracing, thermal-force-flow multi field coupling);

4. Topological optimization;

5. Aluminum matrix composite.


1. Have obtained or about to obtain the doctoral degree in materials science, material processing, shipbuilding, machinery or related disciplines;

2. Interested in academic research, published more than 2 SCI papers in international journals;

3. Be able to work full-time, have independent research ability, strong enterprising spirit as well as good team spirit, be conscientious and careful in work.


1. The post-doctor’s compensations are in line with SJTU regulations. Five social insurances and housing fund will be provided in accordance with the national standards and SJTU regulations ( Salary and performance-based rewards will be determined after negotiation;

2. Enjoy postdoctoral housing allowance or can apply for postdoctoral apartment;

3. Assistance in handling Shanghai household registration matters in accordance with Shanghai settlement policy;

4. The laboratory provides good scientific research conditions as well as sufficient and stable funding support, offers good platform to apply for national, provincial or ministerial funds, and supports the application of Postdoctoral Innovative Talent Support Program and Shanghai Super Post-doctor program.

5. The first employment period of postdoctoral is 2 years, and it can be renewed for another 2 years after the post-doctor passes the evaluation. Those who perform well in the post-contract evaluation will be supported to apply for teaching posts in SJTU.

Application Materials:

1. Personal resume (including basic personal information, education background, work experience, paper list, scientific research project experience, awards, doctoral thesis title and abstract);

2. The full text of representative papers and important research results;

3. Personal statement (including life plan, ability description, research plan, achievement expectation, etc.);

4. English Proficiency Certificate (if any);

5. Other necessary supporting materials.

Contact: Wu Yi (email: or Wang Hongze (email:

Division of Human Resources, SJTU

Publication Date: 2020/4/26


In your application, please refer to