Postdoctoral Position in Mechanical Engineering

Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France


Postdoctoral position at Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France

Numerical modeling of the impact during a fall on the human skeleton taking into account the variability between individuals

Host institution: Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France (
Partners : Medical faculty of Lille ( and Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (
Starting date: As soon as possible
Duration: 12 months

Numerical modeling research team of the Laboratory LAMIH ( at the Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France is seeking a candidate for a fully funded 1-year postdoctoral position. The present postdoctoral project is part of collaboration between Polytechnic University of Hauts-de-France ( , the Medical faculty of Lille ( and the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria (

The objective of the postdoctoral research is the development of a robust multi-scale methodology to evaluate in a relevant way the impact of the fall of a vulnerable person (elderly or a person with a disability) on the risk of fracture of some sensitive parts of the human skeletal structure taking into account inter-individual variability.

Previous numerical research works at LAMIH have allowed the development of biofidelic material models for human bone behavior based on micromechanical considerations (cortical and spongy) at different scales. These models have been implemented as user material subroutines in LS-DYNA software. In the current postdoctoral research, the starting point will be the modeling of a vulnerable person falling posture obtained using a rigid body dynamics simulation in LS-DYNA software. Then, the obtained kinematics (velocities and accelerations), forces and bending moments will be used as boundary conditions for a second micro-modeling of an impact problem by focusing on a potential anatomical bone segment of interest by introducing advanced finite element and ductile damage models. The scientific challenges in this investigation concern the evolution of the microstructure according to the inter-individual characteristics (age, sex, morphology, drug’s effect, health...) and their impact on the bone behavior and the severity of the fracture. Once the full solution of the vulnerable person fall has been obtained, including its consequences in terms of bone damage and fracture, then a study of the variability of the mechanical model will be conducted in order to identify representative solutions for a population set of individuals. Depending on the quantity and nature of the available characteristics, set-theoretic, probabilistic or integrating methods can be used to access this type of model.

Successful candidates must possess an earned doctoral degree in mechanical engineering, with a strong background in nonlinear mechanics and numerical modeling using the finite element method. Computational experience in programming and the use of commercial software such as LS-DYNA, RADIOSS or ABAQUS Explicit is mandatory.

To apply (or for any further enquiry), please contact:

Prof. Hakim NACEUR
Laboratory LAMIH UMR 8201-CNRS
Université Polytechnique Hauts-de-France
Campus Mont Houy, 59313 Valenciennes Cedex 9
Phone: +33.(0)3.2751.1412
e-mail :

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