Postdoctoral Position in Electronic Information and Electronical Engineering

Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Electronic Information and Electronical Engineering


The research team is mainly engaged in the study of machine vision measurement, image graphics processing, industrial robots, industrial big data, fractional calculus theory and its application, artificial intelligence and other fields of science and engineering technology.


1. Have obtained doctor's degree in well-known universities/research institutions from home or abroad, or will soon pass doctoral dissertation defense and obtain a doctor's degree in related major;;

2. Good health, excelling in academic research and moral integrity;

3. Strong sense of responsibility, dedication for scientific research, teamwork spirit and and good organization and coordination ability;

4. Have published high-level research papers in relevant journals or conferences, and have a good grasp of basic knowledge and cutting-edge direction in this field.

Research directions

Post 1: Design and intelligent control of robot’s mechanical and electrical system, industrial robot and other related theoretical research and application;

Post 2: Machine Vision (2D and 3D measurement, pattern recognition, etc.);

Post 3: Artificial intelligence (intelligent information countermeasure, etc.);

Post 4: Fractional calculus theory and its application in control, image processing and other fields.

Compensations and responsibilities

1. Enjoy competitive salary of more than 250,000RMB/year and other postdoctoral benefits of SJTU (, as well as performance-based rewards from the research team. The specific amount of salary shall be determined by negotiation between the supervisor and candidate.

2. Enjoy housing allowance in accordance with SJTU regulations or can apply for SJTU postdoctoral apartment.

3. Be encouraged to apply for national, municipal postdoctoral talent projects, and those who are sponsored will enjoy corresponding compensations;

4. Carry out scientific research work; assist in guiding undergraduate and graduate students; participate in the management of the lab;

5. Permanent registered Shanghai residence, social insurance and provident funds are offered in accordance with the policies of Shanghai Municipal Government and Shanghai Jiao Tong University. If the candidate stays and works in Shanghai afterwards, his or her spouse and children can settle in with the post-doctor.

6. According to the latest policies of the school, post-doctors are encouraged to conduct long-term and stable research work (for 2-3 years) after the postdoctoral period. The excellent post-doctor will have the opportunity to get the teaching post of Shanghai Jiao Tong University;

Application procedures:

1. Please send your application materials to under the subject of "postdoctoral application + name + graduation school";

2. The research team will inform the qualified candidate of the interview arrangement;

3. The qualified interviewers will be informed to submit relevant materials required by the school;

4. Department and school review;

5. Go through the entry procedure.

Application material:

1. Personal resume (education background, work experience, published thesis, authorized patent, projects, etc.) and a scanning copy of valid ID;

2. Doctoral dissertation, three representative works or papers and other relevant materials that can prove the candidate’s research ability;

3. Scanned copies of doctoral degree certificate and diploma;

4. Letters of recommendation from doctoral supervisor and 1-2 professors from the similar research fields (contact information attached).

5. Go through the entry procedure.

Contact information:

Contact: Prof. Lu Junguo

Address: Department of Automation, SJTU, No. 800, Dongchuan Road, Minhang District, Shanghai (postcode: 200240)

Division of Human Resources, SJTU

Publication Date: 2020/4/16


In your application, please refer to