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Claire-Deschênes Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition

The Faculty of Engineering at Université de Sherbrooke has created a competition that fits perfectly with its bold and creative mission. Female doctoral candidates and young doctoral graduates can now participate in the Claire-Deschênes Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition

The goal of the Claire-Deschênes Postdoctoral Fellowship Competition is to promote postdoctoral training for women who will also be offered a professorship position in engineering at Université de Sherbrooke.

Submit your application and you could be awarded one of the four Phase 2 postdoctoral fellowships ($ 40,000/year, up to 2 years) each attached to a professorship at the Université de Sherbrooke.


Areas of postdoctoral fellowships still available:

  • building engineering
  • chemical engineering
  • computer engineering
  • robotics engineering



This competition is open to all women wishing to complete a postdoctoral fellowship in order to pursue a career as a professor of engineering at Université de Sherbrooke.

It is important to remember that Université de Sherbrooke is a Francophone university, which means that candidates must be proficient in French or commit to learning it.

At the time of their application, women who are registered in a doctoral program and who have successfully completed their comprehensive doctoral examination are eligible. Women who have completed their doctoral studies within the last two years are also eligible. The doctoral and postdoctoral studies of a candidate must be done at a different institution. 

If the candidate does not hold Canadian citizenship or permanent residence, certain immigration documents may be required.

Competition dates

The eight fellowships will be awarded in two rounds of four fellowships.

The first round is currently over and has made it possible to award four scholarships to four candidates in the following fields: biotechnological engineering - civil engineering - electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. For the second round, full applications must be received by February 1, 2021.

Interviews for the four round 2 scholarships will take place in spring 2021.

Desired profile

The candidates are expected to:

  • have a strong interest in and a good aptitude for teaching, university pedagogy, as well as research, development and innovation;
  • demonstrate skills in creating and maintaining good interpersonal relationships and have good collaboration and teamwork skills;
  • demonstrate leadership, initiative and an excellent ability to communicate and interact effectively and positively with internal and external partners.

Fellowship duration

Université de Sherbrooke will commit to financially supporting each recipient's postdoctoral fellowship for a period of up to two years. The conditions for the fellowship amount intend to ensure that each recipient will have at least $40,000 per year to complete the postdoctoral fellowship. 

Other funding sources

Each recipient must agree to apply to fellowship competitions from external organizations during the first valid year of the postdoctoral fellowship, unless no program is available. The recipient shall agree to immediately notify Université de Sherbrooke if she is awarded an external fellowship. In this case, the fellow must return 75% of the unused fellowship if the total annual support is $40,000 or more.

If a fellowship recipient receives another form of financial assistance for her postdoctoral fellowship, she may keep this assistance and retain 25% of the Claire-Deschênes Postdoctoral Fellowship, or more to ensure that the fellow’s total annual support is at least $40,000.

Fellow's commitments

Each fellowship recipient shall agree to work on her postdoctoral fellowship full-time. The fellow must contact Université de Sherbrooke about any interruption in this postdoctoral fellowship so that the two parties can agree to the terms and conditions of this interruption.

Each Claire-Deschênes Postdoctoral Fellowship is related to a professorship position in engineering at Université de Sherbrooke, which means that the commitments between the parties will be subject to a contractual agreement.

Additional Information - Claire Deschênes 

The Competition was named in honour of Claire Deschênes, who received an honorary doctorate in engineering from Université de Sherbrooke on September 21, 2019. Claire Deschênes has enjoyed a solid academic career at Université Laval. As its only female professor of engineering in 1989, she founded the Hydraulic Machines Laboratory, which quickly gained a stellar reputation. In 2007, she launched the Research Consortium in Hydraulic Machines, which involved many industry partners and university researchers. The excellence of this group was recognized by the NSERC, which awarded Dr. Deschênes the prestigious Synergy Award for Innovation in 2014. In another outstanding career achievement, Claire Deschênes was one of the first Canadian women to be named a holder of an NSERC Chair for Women in Science and Engineering. She was also the first one to have her chair renewed, and she brilliantly carried out her duties as the NSERC-Alcan Chair for Women in Science and Engineering from 1997 to 2005.



Each application must include the following documents:

  • a curriculum vitae of the candidate;
  • official university transcripts;
  • a cover letter;
  • a postdoctoral research plan (planned or ongoing);
  • reprints of relevant refereed papers confirming recent authorship or coauthorship;
  • two letters of recommendation must be provided directly from referees;
  • a checklist, with each item verified and checked off (available on the following web page:


Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Visit this page for all the details and submit your application.

In your application, please refer to