Lecturer in Biomedical Laboratory Technology

Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen



Appointment Characteristics

You will be recruited for a limited duration from 01/09/2019 to 31/08/2020.

There is a possibility that an educational activity can be organized during the evening and / or on Saturday. 

Expansion to full time, extension, and appointment are possible. 

The maximum granted seniority from the private sector and / or as a self-employed person is 10 years for this position. This useful professional experience can be granted if you provide the necessary supporting documents and after examining the complete file. To the extent applicable, seniority may be increased by seniority from the public sector.

Job Description

You are a passionate teacher who can handle different forms of work (lectures, seminars, practicals, coaching ...) in the Biomedical Laboratory Technology course. Both education and testing are competence-oriented. A number of modules in this assignment are: organic chemistry, biology, analytical chemistry, instrumental techniques ...

You are also an internship supervisor and promoter of bachelor's degrees and BIPs in secondary education. You participate in study guidance, learning process guidance, the development of quality course material, the implementation of test policy at the educational level and further profiling.

You perform your duties with attention to quality. You enthusiastically participate in educational innovation. You also take on team-related tasks and help with projects.


Required diploma and knowledge:

  • Scientific diploma (bachelor or master), such as biomedical sciences, bio-engineer, chemistry ...
  • C1 English certificate or willing to achieve this
  • Knowledge of and practical experience in analytical chemistry

If you have a foreign diploma, with the exception of the Netherlands, an equivalence certificate from NARIC (www.naric.be) must be added.

Howest competence profile:

  • You take on your professional role in a committed manner.
  • You are open minded.
  • You are a team player.
  • You respond adequately and agile to change and innovation.
  • You are convinced of the importance of social commitment.
  • You are a broad networker and you bring your professional network within Howest.
  • You help build the international dimension of Howest.
  • You have an attitude of lifelong learning.

Job-specific competence profile:

  • You are practically oriented.
  • You have strong communication skills.
  • You are highly motivated and you show this to others.
  • You have organizational talent.
  • You are accurate (also in administration).
  • You respect deadlines.
  • You contribute to the quality culture.
  • "You see work".


Experience in the professional field (with instrumental techniques) and / or in higher education is an added value.


Howest, Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen, is an atypical, creative, innovative and entrepreneurial college. We try to put our core values, Serve Empower Care, into practice every day. We take care of our students and train them to be immediately employable professionals.

Howest is an open and pluralistic college, with respect for diversity. As an agile and decisive organization, Howest offers its employees maximum opportunities to develop. Howest offers a team-oriented work environment.

More Info

For content information you can contact: 
Mieke Demeyere - Biomedical Laboratory Technology Training Coordinator, mieke.demeyere@howest.be

For information about the appointment characteristics you can contact: 
Luc Verhalle - director of personnel and HR 

Application Procedure

Candidates will only be sent electronically via https://ses.howest.be at the latest on 22/08/2019. You register with a login and password. We also ask you to upload your CV, motivation letter and diploma in the system. Once registered, you must also effectively apply for this vacancy.

Candidates are screened based on the CV and motivation letter. Those who qualify further are invited for a selection interview.

The selection interview will take place on 27 August 2019 at the following location: Howest campus station, Rijselstraat 5, 8200 Sint-Michiels Bruges.

In your application, please refer to Polytechnicpositions.com