Assistant Senior Lecturer in Computer Science

Uppsala University



Uppsala University is a broad research university with a strong international position. The task is to conduct research and education of the highest quality and to interact with society in various ways. Our most important asset is all those individuals who, with their curiosity and commitment, make Uppsala University one of the country's most exciting workplaces. Uppsala University has 44,000 students, 7,100 employees and a turnover of SEK 7 billion.

The department has about 300 employees, of whom more than 30 professors, about 75 other academic teachers / researchers and about 130 active research students. More than 4,600 students read one or more courses at the department each year. For more information, see


Description of the Subject Area : In computer science, theories, principles, applications and techniques are developed for the design and implementation of software and representation of data. At the Department of Computer Science, research is currently being conducted in this area, including design and implementation of programming languages, especially with regard to parallelism and concurrency, handling of large amounts of data including information extraction, combinatorial optimization, formal methods and computer science didactics. See also The Department

works closely with the Department of Computer Science at .


Tasks : Teaching, research and administration. Course responsibilities include course responsibilities and course administration, as well as supervision of doctoral students. It also includes following developments in the subject area and social development in general that are important for the work at the university. Employment as associate senior lecturer aims at qualifying for teacher employment for which higher demands are placed on eligibility.


Employment Period: The position as associate senior lecturer can be held for a maximum of six years. An associate senior lecturer can apply for promotion to a senior lecturer. If the assistant university lecturer is deemed to be suitable and meets the requirements for promotion, he or she must be promoted and permanently employed as a senior lecturer.


Requirements for Eligibility : To be employed as an associate senior lecturer, according to the Higher Education Ordinance, is the person who has obtained a doctoral degree or has obtained the corresponding scientific competence. It is required that the pedagogical skills and the scientific competence are relevant to the subject's subject content and the tasks that must be included in the employment. In particular, applicants in question who have completed a doctoral degree or have reached the corresponding qualifications will not exceed five years before the end of the application period.

According to Uppsala University's employment arrangement, pedagogical competence is a qualification requirement for employment as an associate senior lecturer. The applicant should have undergone relevant university education for activities within the university, comprising five weeks or having acquired corresponding knowledge. The higher education program can be implemented during the first two years of employment.

Furthermore, according to Uppsala University's employment rules, general eligibility requirements for teachers apply to having the personal qualities required to fulfill the employment well.

The applicant must have documented ability to teach in Swedish and / or English unless there are special reasons. The holder is expected to be able to teach in Swedish within two years.


Assessment Criteria

Scientific and pedagogical skills : When selecting among eligible applicants, special emphasis will be placed on both scientific and pedagogical skills, which are given equal importance. Scientific skills relate partly to research merit and partly to the applicant's prerequisites for contributing to future development of both research and education. When assessing the scientific skills, special emphasis will be placed on research merits in the areas where the Department of Computer Science conducts activities as described above.

Equal care will be devoted to the examination of the pedagogical skill as the scientific skill. Educational skills relate to educational and teaching qualifications. When assessing pedagogical skills, pedagogical quality should primarily be considered. Also, scope, both breadth and depth, should be taken into consideration. When assessing the pedagogical skills, special emphasis will be placed on the ability to teach in software engineering (Software Engineering).

All qualifications must be documented so that both quality and scope can be assessed.

In this recruitment, the university will primarily consider the one who, after a qualitative overall assessment of competence and skill, is judged to have the best conditions for implementing and developing current tasks and contributing to a positive development of the business.

Parental leave, part-time work due to childcare, union assignment, military service or the like are taken into account as work experience and should be stated in the curriculum vitae.

Uppsala University values the qualities that even gender distribution and diversity add to the business. We therefore look forward to applying for all sexes and with different birth backgrounds, functionality and life experience. At present, there are more men than women among assistant university lecturers in the faculty. The university strives for a more even gender distribution in this category.

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