Assistant Lecturer in Road Traffic Engineering

Royal Institute of Technology



Subject Matter

Road Traffic Technology

Subject Description

The area of road traffic technology includes the design, operation, control and use of different types of road traffic systems, as well as methods for effective interaction between people, vehicles, and physical and electronic infrastructure. Scientific includes the subject of theory, methods and models for analysis, evaluation, control and operation of individual and multimodal transport systems as well as methods for collecting, processing and analyzing data from these transport systems to improve the understanding of both supply and demand.


The assistant lecturer is expected to contribute to teaching within existing courses and educational programs as well as ongoing research projects focusing on road traffic technology. This includes examining and teaching road traffic technology related courses at the basic and advanced level, research and supervision of bachelor's, master's and doctoral students. The assistant lecturer is also expected to participate in other activities related to research, teaching and collaboration. The associate professor is expected to seek external funding and conduct research in close collaboration with other partners within and outside KTH.

The assistant lecturer will be given the opportunity to develop his / her independence as a researcher and gain credentials that may give eligibility for another teaching position for which higher requirements are required (see Chapter 4, Section 12 a of the Higher Education Ordinance). The assistant lecturer may apply for promotion to the lecturer in accordance with Chapter 4. Section 12 c of the Higher Education Ordinance.


Eligible to be hired as assistant lecturer is the person who has completed the doctoral degree or has equivalent scientific competence. First of all, it should be considered that has completed the doctoral degree or has reached the corresponding competence no more than five years before the time for applying for the position as assistant lecturer has expired. However, even those who have completed their doctorate or have obtained equivalent qualifications in the past may qualify for special reasons. For special reasons, we mean leave due to illness, parental leave or other similar circumstances.

Assessment Criteria

The assessment criteria set out in section 1.3 apply as assessment grounds for employment as assistant lecturer at KTH. in KTH's employment scheme in relation to an established employment profile.

It is of the utmost importance that the applicant has

  • scientific skill in road traffic technology, shown through publications in peer reviewed and reputable international journals,
  • potential for independent development as a researcher and teacher in the current road traffic technology area and the ability to establish, renew and develop the current research area;
  • exhibits an ability to collaborate with private and public actors to develop educational and research activities that meet the needs of society.

It is of the utmost importance that the applicant has

  • the ability to attract external research funding and disseminate knowledge and research results to society as a whole;
  • pedagogical skills and teaching skills in road traffic technology,
  • experience in supervising doctoral students, degree workers and younger employees
  • ability to collaborate with research groups from different disciplines within the academy as well as society at large.
  • excellent knowledge of English, in writing and speech,
  • knowledge of diversity and equal treatment issues with a special focus on gender equality within the faculty;
  • administrative skills.

It is also important that the applicant has

  • postdoctoral fellowship in a research environment other than the academic institution the applicant has earned or experience from research and development work in industry or other organizations corresponding to a traditional postdoctoral fellowship at another university;
  • experience in interdisciplinary work.

Special assessment grounds for promotion to senior lecturer

When considering the application for promotion to associate professor, the applicant's ability to independently initiate and conduct research of high scientific quality, published in international journals and conference volumes, and the applicant's ability to seek and obtain external funding in a not insignificant scope of research activities will be assessed. Of utmost importance is the applicant's ability to independently establish new collaborations and research directions. It is also of the utmost importance that the applicant has shown proficiency in teaching and supervision.

Trade union representatives

You will find contact information for union representatives on KTH's website .


Design your application according to KTH's CV template for hiring teachers. As an applicant, you have the main responsibility for the application being complete based on the advertisement and the CV template.

The application must be submitted to KTH no later than the last application date at midnight, CET / CEST (Central European Time / Central European Summer Time).

You apply through KTH's recruitment system.


Time limited to: The employment is for the time being, but not longer than four years, and can be renewed if, due to the teacher's absence from work, parental leave or other special reasons, additional time is needed to achieve the purpose of the employment. However, the total period of employment may not exceed six years. The position is part of the Tenure Track system at KTH, and the assistant lecturer shall, upon application, be tested for promotion to the lecturer.

For more information about KTH's assessment, see  Employment arrangement for teachers at Kungl. Institute of Technology

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